How Do I Download My Builds?

For this, we’re going to use two tools. MultiMC (an alternative launcher) and WorldDownloader (a minecraft modification designed to download maps from servers). I would like to clarify something first though. By default, we do not allow players to download the map so the builds are not stolen and claimed as their own. Most servers don’t allow it for the same reason, so be sure to remove it after you’re done with the downloads.

Installing MultiMC

(There are alternative ways of installing WorldDownloader but using MultiMC is the easiest for everyone)

  1. Click here and select your operating system. 
  2. For Windows, Linux and Mac OS the installation of said application is simply done by extracting the files from the archive. (On windows to do that, you’ll need 7zig, WinRAR or a similar archive manager software)
  3. Once you have the files in a folder, double click MulitMC.exe – And you’re good to go! 

Installing WorldDownloader

  1. Click here, scroll down and select the latest version (It will be called something like
  2. Open MultiMC if you have not already. 
  3. On the top left, click ‘Add Instance‘. 
  4. Select version 1.15.2 and name it wisely, click OK.
  5. Once the base installation is ready, select the instance and click ‘Edit Instance‘ on the left. 
  6. A window will pop up. On the left, click ‘Add to Minecraft.jar‘. 
  7. Here, you will have to navigate to your downloads folder. Find ‘’ and select it. 
  8. Click Launch and you may now close the rest of the MultiMC windows. If the game launches with no startup errors, congratulations, you installed everything correctly. 


It’s quite an easy tool to use. Basically, it will save the chunks and create a playable world for you in your single player worldsaves. The problem is, this tool can only save chunks which are loaded for the client. The rest of the chunks / areas will NOT be saved. By default, there will be void. I would suggest putting the renderdistance on at least 12

  1. Connect to like to any other server. 
  2. Click the ESC button. 
  3. Select ‘Download this world‘. Read the text and enable multiworld support. Click ‘Done‘.
  4. At the top of the screen in the middle, click the ‘New Name‘ button. Select the textbox and enter the world’s name. Hit enter. 
  5. At the bottom left corner, the name will appear. Click the button and hit ‘Use selected world‘ on the bottom right. 
  6. All set, you are downloading the map now. Fly around the places you wish to have in single player. 
  7. Once you are done, hit ESC and click ‘Stop ‘. Depending on your computer, after a couple of seconds the map will be downloaded and can be accessed in your single player worldsaves.

Note: Switching dimensions will show the previous screen. Just click your world’s name and the ‘Use selected world‘ button again. 

Another thing to note is that containers are only saved if you interact with them. (Open a chest for example)

I Am Having Issues

No problem. Please head over to our discord server ( and react to the post in #need-help to open a support ticket. One of the staff members will be there to assist you! 

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