Current Events

There are no current running events. However, we do have big plans for future live events.

More information soon. 

Archive - Old Events

Live Event – 05.30

As our first live community event, we’re going to enter the dangerous End Dimension and kill the Ender Dragon! We would like to also respawn it a couple of times to complete the set of End Gateways for easier travelling. After this, the End Dimension will be open to everyone with amazing loots such as shulker shells, elytras or diamond gear! 

Just as a quick side note, we will not be able to provide gear for everyone so please try to get your own set of tools, armour and weapons. However, we will make sure to hand out some potions and additional healing just to make sure! 

The event will happen on Saturday May 30th 29th at 19:00 UTC. Hope to see you all there!

Important Change:

Because of the SpaceX rocket launch, the event will be on Friday 29th of May at 19:00 UTC