Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work out the price for a single stack?
Due to the fact you can’t acquire 0.5 a diamond, you would have to sell enough items or blocks to make it up to 1 diamond.
For goods like iron, to sell an amount for 1 diamond you would have to divide the set minimum by 64, which would give you the amount of items you can sell for a minimum of 1 diamond.

What is the item(s) I want to sell isn’t listed here.
By default you are allowed to sell them for as low as you wish until this becomes a problem.
Contact a member of staff and your item will be assigned a category, if there is no suitable category then one will be voted on.

Is there a way to change a minimum price?
Yes. Head over to the #suggestions discord and offer a price you think is fair. Players will vote and if the vote passes, the price will be changed.


Prices assume it’s the default item. (Not enchanted, named or lored)
Prices are set for a stack of items. You may sell in lesser quantity but adhere to minimum price.
Non-stackable items’ prices are set for one item.
You may not bend the system to undercut. For example you cannot sell shulker shells to avoid the minimum price for shulker boxes.


These prices are a minimum. You don’t have to go straight to the bottom price, be smart when setting your price if your first to market!

Item/BlockOld PricesNew Minumum PriceVoted OnCategory
Trident1818YESConduits, Beacons, etc
Totem Of Undying77YESConduits, Beacons, etc
Conduit1515YESConduits, Beacons, etc
Beacon4040YESConduits, Beacons, etc
Wither Skeleton Skull1010YESConduits, Beacons, etc
Wool0,52YESMob Drops (misc)
Mending Books44YESTop Tier Books
Silk Touch Books44YESTop Tier Books
Top Tier Misc Books44YESTop Tier Books
Other Books33YESLesser Books
Diamond Armour (set)1515YESDiamond Armour & Tools
Diamond Tools (set)55YESDiamond Armour & Tools
Iron (Blocks)3,23,2YESIron
Gold (Ingots)22YESGold
String31YESMob Drops (misc)
Blaze Rods31YESMob Drops (misc)
Blaze Powder11YESMob Drops (misc)
Gunpowder11YESMob Drops (misc)
Slime41YESMob Drops (misc)
Nether Quartz0,50,3YESMined Minerals
Music Discs11YESMob Drops (misc)
Bones0,331YESMob Drops (misc)
Saddles0,51YESMob Drops (misc)
Dyes10,25YESFarmed Items
Glass12YESUncommon Building Blocks
Redstone0,30,3YESMined Minerals
Horse33YESEnder Chests and Horses
Shulker Box22YESEnd Busting Stuff
Golden Carrots22YESTop Tier Food and Potions
Logs (All varients of wood)20,25YESFarmed Items
Ender Chests44YESEnder Chests and Horses
Purpur Pillar32YESEnd Busting Stuff
Purpur Block22YESEnd Busting Stuff
End Rod22YESEnd Busting Stuff
End Stone Bricks12YESEnd Busting Stuff
End Stone12YESEnd Busting Stuff
Reed0,20,25YESFarmed Items
Diorite0,30,33YESCommon Building Blocks
Andesite0,30,33YESCommon Building Blocks
Granite0,30,33YESCommon Building Blocks
Stone0,20,33YESCommon Building Blocks
Dirt0,20,2YESDirt & Grass
Grass0,20,2YESDirt & Grass
Misc. Food0,50,5YESFood Items
Pumpkin11YESPumpkins and Melons
Melon11YESPumpkins and Melons
Magma22YESUncommon Building Blocks
Soul Sand22YESUncommon Building Blocks
NetherrackUnknown2YESCommon Building Blocks
SandUnknown0,33YESCommon Building Blocks
GravelUnknown0,33YESCommon Building Blocks
CoalUnknown0,3YESMined Minerals
LapisUnknown0,3YESMined Minerals
EmeraldsUnknown0,3YESMined Minerals
GlowstoneUnknown0,3YESMined Minerals
Nether BricksUnknown2YESUncommon Building Blocks
Golden ApplesUnknown4YESTop Tier Food and Potions
PotionsUnknown1YESTop Tier Food and Potions
PrismarineUnknown1YESOcean Monument Blocks
Prismarine BricksUnknown2YESOcean Monument Blocks
Sea LanternsUnknown4YESOcean Monument Blocks
SpongeUnknown5YESOcean Monument Blocks
SapplingsUnknown0,25YESFarmed Items
FlowersUnknown0,25YESFarmed Items
NetherwartUnknown0,25YESFarmed Items
Sea PickleUnknown0,25YESFarmed Items
KelpUnknown0,25YESFarmed Items
Mob HeadsUnknown1YESMob Drops
Player HeadsUnknown0.25 per headYESMob Drops v2
Compacted IceUnknown2YESUncommon Building Blocks
ObsidianUnknown6YESUncommon Building Blocks
Coal OreUnknown2YESMined Minerals
Lapis Lazuli OreUnknown2YESMined Minerals
Emerald OreUnknown32NoMined Minerals
Diamond OreUnknown16NoMined Minerals
Redstone OreUnknown2YESMined Minerals
Gold oreUnknown3YESMined Minerals

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